Our Company

The company has more than 80.000 sq. m. of owned installations in Greece and another 110.000 sq. m. in Bulgaria, approximately 120 employees, fully automatic and electronic equipment aged less than 3 years old, three distribution centers all over Greece and a significant amount of exports to the Mediterranean and Eastern European countries. Read more

Our Products

It is widely known that the future of the food industry is based on special raw materials that give the final products the look and feel that the end consumer requires. These are the products we produce: customized raw materials based on vegetable oils and fats that can provide food producers the proper base for delicious end products. Read more

Green Energy Production

Our green energy production rate rises over 100000 tonnes per annum and operates independently from other facilities in the Industrial Area of Patras. The employees of the company are scientifically specialized, which offers the potential to produce second generation biofuels. Read more