Green Energy Production - Biofuels

After thorough research, the company decided to invest its resources in Sustainable Sources of Energy in 2003. In accordance with the EU30/2003 Directive and Kyoto Treaty regarding the reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions, P.N.P. founded one of the first biodiesel production units in Greece.

The foregoing green biodiesel energy production unit was established in August 2006 by using by-products of existing sources, therefore giving extra value to the production process. Furthermore, the company now deploys organic "energy" plants, cultivated entirely by Greek farmers, in order to supply energy by sustainable means.

The production rate of the company rises over 100000 tonnes per annum and operates independently from other facilities in the Industrial Area of Patras. The employees of the company are scientifically specialized, which offers the potential to produce second generation biofuels.

The production process is fully automated and in conjunction with the Quality Control Laboratory as well as the Research and Development department enables the company to use a large variety of natural substances for its requisites.

The company is not only able to cover the needs of Greece, but also to export its products to other E.U. countries. The current strategy of the company leads towards achieving the production of "Green Energy".