Message from the President

The Pavlos N. Pettas S.A. (i.e. P.N.P.) company was founded as a small soap producing enterprise by Pavlos Pettas and was named after him in 1947. In 1982, during the hard years of Greek reconstruction, Pavlos Pettas achieved to constantly evolve his activities resulting in the major turning-point of the company by converting the small enterprise into a "Société Anonyme - S.A."

After passing the company down to his two sons and daughter and under the new generation's power and fresh ideas, the P.N.P. company presented a rapid progress, being active today in two major sectors: vegetable fats production for the food industry and raw materials for the bakery market. The company now produces specialized products that are customized according to the clients' needs in the two fully automatic installations in the province of Achaia, while our powerful R&D department provides solutions to the new requirements stated by the food industry to which P. N. P. is mainly addressed.

The company has more than 80.000 sq. m. of owned installations in Greece and another 110.000 sq. m. in Bulgaria, approximately 120 highly educated and trained employees, fully automatic and electronic equipment aged less than 3 years old, three distribution centers all over Greece and a significant amount of exports to the Mediterranean and Eastern European countries. Having major plans for further expansion, P.N.P. is certainly in the position to look forward to a bright future.

Nikolaos Pettas